3 Rehab Mistakes That Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

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These rehab mistakes may seem like a good idea at the time, but could end up costing you more time and money than you had planned for.

Over the years that Tarek and I have been running our house flipping business, we’ve learned quite a lot about what to avoid when rehabbing. In fact, I was thinking just the other day about how many mistakes we made on our first few house flips, especially when it came to rehabs.The thing about home renovation mistakes is that they almost … Read More

5 Remodeling Projects to Instantly Increase Your Flip’s Value

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A woman on a ladder paints a white wall with orange paint in a cover image of "5 Remodeling Projects to Instantly Increase Your Flip's Value"

Many people believe house flips need to be complicated and cost thousands of dollars, and while some houses will naturally need a bit more care, there are a couple of painless projects that will instantly boost your flip house’s value. Over the years, Tarek and I have found that these projects have made the most of our budget and they … Read More

5 Trends You Should Absolutely Avoid When Remodeling a Kitchen

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While these trends are fine to use in your own kitchen, you will want to avoid them when you are remodeling a kitchen for a flip.

If you’ve watched our show Flip or Flop, you know that I love to design our flips. I think it is so fun to pick out paint colors, flooring, light fixtures, etc., especially when it comes to the kitchen. Transforming an ugly, outdated kitchen into something beautiful is so satisfying to me. When designing the kitchen in each of our … Read More

3 Ways to Add a Breakfast Bar to Any Kitchen

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Breakfast bars are an easy addition, can liven up any kitchen space, and are attractive to buyers. No need to eat every meal in the dining room any more!

Designing kitchens is one of my all-time favorite things about flipping houses. I love the way my designs can completely transform a space to make it feel totally updated and gorgeous. Of course, if I’m working with a smaller kitchen, I sometimes have to think outside the box and imagine myself living in the house every day. This has helped … Read More

3 Steps to Take for a Better Real Estate Investing Business

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You can live your dream lifestyle now if you learn how to manage your real estate investing business effectively and efficiently.

When Christina and I talk to students at our Success Path Education seminars, and whenever we meet new investors who are interested in achieving financial freedom through house flipping, I always emphasize that this is a lifestyle business. You can decide how much or little you work, whether you want to flip multiple houses at once, whether you want to … Read More

5 Tips for a Staircase Renovation

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The cover image for "5 Tips for a Staircase Renovation" - text over an image of a spiral staircase viewed from above.

When you look at your home’s staircase, what do you see? Do you see an inviting entry to the second floor, or do you see a boring or even dangerous set of old steps that just sit there? I love getting creative with staircase renovations, so I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite remodeling ideas that just … Read More