How to Pick the Best Contractor for Your Next Flip, Foreclosure, or Rental Property

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A contractor looks at blueprints.

Whether you want to see a return on your real estate investment by flipping or as a landlord, if you’re buying a flip or REO foreclosure property, you’re going to have to do some rehab. These properties and rentals almost always require work, and for the majority of them, that work is going to be extensive. In other words, if … Read More

5 Reasons Your Real Estate Marketing Isn’t Working

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Funding is key to flipping homes - here's some money.

If you want to be successful at house flipping, you have to learn a little about marketing and specifically about real estate marketing. To flip amazing properties, you have to go out there, find them, and get them, but finding and buying houses is not the only element if you’re going to flip houses. On Flip or Flop, we focus a … Read More

Five Different Ways To Get Paid Flipping a House (There’s Not Just One!)

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Flip homes, but not literally. This one was actually built upside down.

When you think of flipping a house, what’s the first thing you think of? The check you make on the deal, right? That’s why we flip houses! But the real question is how did you get paid on the deal, and I don’t mean whether you got a handwritten check or a bank transfer from the settlement company! What I … Read More