5 Upgrades That Won’t Make You Money

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You may be considering these upgrades, but they aren't necessary and will end up costing you more time and money than they are worth.

Homeowners who are carefully considering resale value when working on a home generally want to know if a certain upgrade is a good investment or not. Will adding a pool to my backyard be a huge bonus if I ever decide to sell? Could this kitchen customization make or break my resale value? What kinds of rehab options should I … Read More

4 Tips for Adding Natural Light to a Bathroom without Losing Privacy

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Bathrooms are fun to design, but it's important to keep privacy in mind. Create a private place with natural light using these tips.

When I look at architecture and design magazines, I always love checking out the master bathrooms that they feature. I could spend a whole day looking through pictures of bathrooms for inspiration. When I look at the incredible master baths of the rich and famous, I’m always amazed at how many windows they have and how much natural light they … Read More