How to Work with Home Improvement Contractors—3 Tips to Make Flipping Houses More Profitable

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Painting is part of rennovating a home when flipping.

The term “flipping houses” is relatively new and not everyone understands what it means. Simply put, it means getting a house under contract, doing the repairs, and reselling it to a new owner as quickly as possible—for a profit. That means you can’t afford to waste time thinking about the design options too much or debating which kind of countertops … Read More

Should You DIY Rehab on Your House Flips? Or Hire a Contractor?

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A hammer and some glue.

From watching our show, you already know that Christina and I do a lot of DIY work on our house flips, but you’ll also notice that we have a whole crew of amazing contractors and home improvement professionals on call to help us. If you’re just getting into flipping houses, you’re probably wondering just how much you should do on … Read More

How to Pick the Best Contractor for Your Next Flip, Foreclosure, or Rental Property

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A contractor looks at blueprints.

Whether you want to see a return on your real estate investment by flipping or as a landlord, if you’re buying a flip or REO foreclosure property, you’re going to have to do some rehab. These properties and rentals almost always require work, and for the majority of them, that work is going to be extensive. In other words, if … Read More