4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Home Selling Skills

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When you work in the real estate investing business—especially in house flipping—it’s easy to start to think that houses sell themselves. In a way, they do. People buy our flip houses because they have beautifully designed floor plans and a bunch of updates, all for a fair market price. However, if we weren’t there to point out the improvements and … Read More

4 Tips for a Seriously Successful Open House

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A good open house can be all the difference for a flip property, but they don't just happen on their own. Here's some tips for a successful open house.

Fixing and flipping houses is a fun and exciting business, and when you think about it, it’s a pretty low-risk business. The key to making money in real estate with house flipping, though, is to do it fast. Trying to sell a house that’s sitting on the market going stale can be incredibly stressful and frustrating. Fortunately, though, if you … Read More