Do You Need A Lot of Money to Flip Houses?

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You don't need a lot of your own money to flip houses, but you do need to find sources of money who will help you invest in flip houses.

Real estate funding is a big concern with house flippers. Christina and I are always asked by our Success Path students whether they need a lot of money to start flipping or even how they can find money. After all, most people don’t have $200,000 or more lying around in liquid assets that they can spend on a flip. Since money … Read More

What Types of Courses Does Success Path Offer?

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Success Path offers a variety of courses to students who are interested in further pursuing their education in real estate investing.

Success Path Education is the premier real estate education investment program developed to teach students the methodologies that Tarek and Christina El Moussa have used for the success of their own investing business. Utilizing the El Moussa’s own real estate investment strategy, the Success Path Education Program is one of the most in-depth and comprehensive training programs available in the … Read More

4 Reasons You Should Be Going to Real Estate Networking Events

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One of the best ways to kick-start your real estate investing career is by attending real estate networking events during the year.

As you probably already know, the real estate business is all about reputation and relationships. As you’ve started to grow your real estate investing business, you’ve created and built relationships with real estate agents, contractors, wholesalers, and others in the real estate investing industry. With each new person you meet, you get access to even more people in the business, … Read More

How Real Estate Investors Can Protect Themselves From Scams

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To any hard working member of the real estate business community, the “scam” revelations, especially over the last few years, are shocking and very sad. Unfortunately they don’t seem like they’re going away any time soon either. While Christina and I believe most real estate businesses are legitimate, there’s no denying scams continue to be a big problem in our industry, … Read More

Tarek’s No. 1 Most Important Lesson in Flipping Houses

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Old movie countdown number 1

“Tarek, what’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned about successful house flipping?” I get this question a lot, especially when Christina and I are conducting one of our real estate investing coaching seminars. Well, the #1 lesson I’ve learned in house flipping is actually pretty simple, and it applies across the board, from searching for leads and reaching out to motivated … Read More

Finding Your First House Flip – Have Faith and Use Our Formula!

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A businessman walks up a staircase above a city.

Whenever we hold a real estate seminar, people always want to know how to get started. After all, finding your first house flip is arguably the most intimidating and difficult challenge you’ll face! You get a glimpse of how we do it when you watch our show, Flip or Flop, but you might not get a real feel for the … Read More