Are Success Path’s Real Estate Events a Scam?

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Success Path Education was created to help people obtain the knowledge and assistance they need to get started in real estate investing.

WHETHER OR NOT YOU PAY FOR IT, YOU ARE GOING TO GET AN EDUCATION. In today’s economy more and more people realize that they need another source of income. Job loss, forced retirement, debt, or a looming expense like college tuition can precede that realization. As house-flipping shows continue to increase in popularity, so do scams. Viewers are enthusiastically expressing … Read More

What Types of Courses Does Success Path Offer?

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Success Path offers a variety of courses to students who are interested in further pursuing their education in real estate investing.

Success Path Education is the premier real estate education investment program developed to teach students the methodologies that Tarek and Christina El Moussa have used for the success of their own investing business. Utilizing the El Moussa’s own real estate investment strategy, the Success Path Education Program is one of the most in-depth and comprehensive training programs available in the … Read More

4 Reasons You Should Be Going to Real Estate Networking Events

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One of the best ways to kick-start your real estate investing career is by attending real estate networking events during the year.

As you probably already know, the real estate business is all about reputation and relationships. As you’ve started to grow your real estate investing business, you’ve created and built relationships with real estate agents, contractors, wholesalers, and others in the real estate investing industry. With each new person you meet, you get access to even more people in the business, … Read More

Do You Have a Real Estate Dream Team?

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Having a real estate education and being experienced in buying and selling houses has gotten Christina and myself a long way in house flipping. That said, we’ve learned a whole lot over the past few years that real estate school couldn’t have prepared us for and that we could never have even guessed before we got into this business. Along … Read More

Tarek’s No. 1 Most Important Lesson in Flipping Houses

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“Tarek, what’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned about successful house flipping?” I get this question a lot, especially when Christina and I are conducting one of our real estate investing coaching seminars. Well, the #1 lesson I’ve learned in house flipping is actually pretty simple, and it applies across the board, from searching for leads and reaching out to motivated … Read More